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Please note that the information contained below refers to the original plans for Biscayne Landing. In recent months, new plans have been developed for the lifestyle community and the name changed to Solē Mia Miami.

If you’d like us to send you information on the residences to be built at Solē Mia Miami as soon as it becomes available, contact us at or call 954-450-1929.

Frequently Asked Questions About Biscayne Landing

Towers I & II

What makes Biscayne Landing unique?
Quite a few things make Biscayne Landing different from any other development ever built in the South Florida area.

  • First, as a $3 billion residential community, it's sheer size makes it unique.

  • Second, it is a rarely seen public/private venture being developed in cooperation with the City of North Miami.

  • Third, and of most relevance to potential homeowners at Biscayne Landing, it is different from other developments in the quality and quantity of amenities. No other place offers all that you get here: jogging and biking trails, pools, fitness center, playgrounds, parks, stores, schools, a 25-acre town center and more all within steps of your home.

What is meant by master-planned community?
The term master-planned community is used to describe Biscayne Landing because of the tremendous amount of effort being put into how best to develop this property into a wonderful place to live. Rather than a city that grows haphazardly as its population increases and various trends occur, every aspect of Biscayne Landing's development is part of a master plan, one that will take approximately 15 years to execute.

What is meant by a mixed-use development?
Biscayne Landing is referred to as a mixed-use development because it will combine various residential options with retail stores, offices, restaurants, a hotel and recreational activities. The benefit to homeowners is that Biscayne Landing will be a lifestyle where they can live, work and play.

Where is Biscayne Landing located?
It is located in North Miami, between Aventura, Bal Harbour and the beach. It stretches from 137th Street to 151st Street.

What types of homes are available at Biscayne Landing?
Available are high-rise condos and lofts and apartments.

How many residences will there be in total at Biscayne Landing?
There will be a total of 6,000 residences.

What will the high rises overlook?

View from Biscayne Landing
View from Biscayne Landing

They will overlook views of the bay, the city skyline, the Intracoastal Waterway in the distance, and the naturally beautiful Oleta River State Park.

When will construction start at Biscayne Landing?
Construction is already underway and will continue for 15 years.

Biscayne Landing, Condo Towers I and II
These are the first two condominium towers built at Biscayne Landing.

Does Biscayne Landing allow pets?
Yes, Biscayne Landing is a pet-friendly community. Condo owners are allowed two dogs, up to 50 pounds each.

Will Biscayne Landing have any parks on its grounds?
Yes! It will have a 35-acre park featuring miles of hiking trails and jogging paths. In addition, there will be connecting trails to Oleta River State Park, Florida's largest urban
park at 1,043 acres.

What schools are being built at Biscayne Landing?
David Lawrence, Jr. Elementary School has already been built.
A high school will also eventually be built in Biscayne Landing. Finally, Biscayne Landing borders the campus of Florida International University.

What can you tell me about the elementary school at Biscayne Landing?
The elementary school was named after David Laurence, Jr., a former Miami Herald publisher and prominent child education advocate. It opened in 2007 for grades kindergarten through 6th, and will eventually include a 7th and 8th grade. The campus encompasses 10 acres and will include such features as basketball courts, a weight room, a photo lab, and a state-of-the-art computer room. The cafeteria will feature all natural and organic foods, a first of its kind. Learn more about the Biscayne Landing elementary school here.

What is known about the hotel that will be within Biscayne Landing?
A 200+ room luxury hotel will be built on the property. A franchise has not yet been determined. The hotel(s) will service business people as well as guests of Biscayne Landing and other North Miami and Aventura residents.

What is known about the Olympic training complex to be built near Biscayne Landing?
The details are still being determined, but the proposal by the developers to the city of North Miami includes a 90,000 sq. ft. Olympic facility that could cost $9 million - $15 million. The center would be used for training in Olympic combative sports such as boxing, wrestling and judo and would occupy the site now used by the county library system. The developer would assist with the construction of a new library.

Is Biscayne Landing convenient to grocery stores and shopping?
Absolutely. Biscayne Landing has an ideal location in this regard. The newly built Biscayne Commons plaza is located at the entrance to Biscayne Landing and includes a large Publix food store as well as various other retail establishments. Numerous other stores are located all along Biscayne Boulevard, which is the main road leading to Biscayne Landing. In addition, the enormous Aventura Mall with hundreds of stores and a dozen movie theaters is just a couple miles away.

Who are the developers of Biscayne Landing?
Biscayne Landing is the vision of one of South Florida's largest and most respected development companies--Boca Developers. Click Here to learn more about the firm.

Who is the architect of Biscayne Landing?
The architect for Biscayne Landing is one of the state's largest architectural firms BC Architects AIA, formerly Brito, Cohan and Associates, of Coral Gables. The firm has created some of South Florida's most distinctive architectural designs and is annually responsible for providing services for projects with construction values in excess of $300 million.

What is meant by land-lease at Biscayne Landing?
The property on which Biscayne Landing is being built is owned by the city of North Miami and leased to the developers for a period of 200 years, after which time the lease may be renegotiated. The cost of that lease is already built into the price of Biscayne Landing residences. The benefit to residents is that they are guaranteed that this lease fee won't go up for at least 200 years.

Biscayne Landing will be a LEED Certified Community built on “green” principles . What  exactly does this mean?
LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is the nationally-accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high-performance green buildings.  Green principles are practices which increase a building's energy efficiency and minimize it's negative impacts on the health of human beings and the environment.

How will Biscayne Landing meet the standards of a “green” community?
Biscayne Landing will be constructed, operated, and maintained using materials and processes which respect the environment to the greatest extent possible. 

For example, the residential building amenity decks will have green roof components that reduce the consumption of energy for cooling.  Native landscaping will lessen the amount of water needed for plants and foliage.  Water cisterns will be employed to minimize the use of drinking water on landscaping.

The developer is putting an emphasis on the use of rapidly renewable/recycled building materials in the overall project.  In addition, easy access to major public transportation, hybrid vehicle recharging stations and over 200 bike parking spaces around the town center will help to reduce harmful emissions.

How will Biscayne Landing affect the city of North Miami?
It is expected to have an extremely positive effect for all of North Miami's citizens. It is anticipated that the development will pump about $13 million a year into the city's tax base that could then be used to lower property taxes and finance downtown renewal.

According to Michael Swerdlow, one of Biscayne Landing's developers, "The city of North Miami will be receiving 200 years of real estate taxes," he said, referring to the development's land-lease. "This is enormous and will change the fate of the city."

If I'm interested in a home at Biscayne Landing, what's the next step?
Contact Joel Greene and he can send you a data sheet and an informative report about Biscayne Landing. When you're ready, he will arrange to give you a site tour where you'll be able to see a large-scale model of the property, some showrooms and also the actual construction taking place. Joel can be reached at


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