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Biscayne Landing in North Miami is a planned community. What does this mean? Planned communities are wholly conceived from the outset and have an organized development plan as opposed to haphazard development that takes place through time as a city's population grows.

The Biscayne Landing build-out is expected to take more than 10 years from inception, yet even at this early stage in development, a detailed vision exists of the finished project.

Whereas most communities in South Florida have grown in fits and spurts based on a variety of variables from employment opportunities to immigration laws to road construction, Biscayne Landing will represent a steady planned progression to its existence as a full-amenity community that offers a quality lifestyle.

The history of planned communities dates back to World War II when Great Britain faced the daunting challenge of rebuilding its cities after the urban destruction that resulted from bombs during the war. At that time, the choice was made to rebuild according to a plan, rather than simply recreating the cities as they had been originally developed.

The success of the master-planned city concept resulted in its gaining popularity in Europe and eventually spread to the United States. Two of the original planned communities were in Reston, Virginia and Columbia, Maryland. In California, Foster City was soon followed by Irvine.

By 1973, there were over 50 planned cities in the United States and others around the world. Hundreds of planned communities exist now in populous cities everywhere, and the concept has been continually been refined

Planned communities typically develop around a pre-determined threshold population level. This threshold serves as the basis for determining the number of homes, shops, recreational facilities, schools, roads, and more to be built on the land and allows coordinated development of these different elements.

The planned nature of population growth allows neighborhoods to develop intact and to purposefully avoid the commercial thoroughfares that often divide neighborhoods in other cities. Industrial and commercial development is kept away from neighborhoods, and amenities and recreational opportunities introduced. The result is a quality of life that is difficult to achieve in unplanned communities.

A planned city is often more aesthetically pleasing as well, following a cohesive architectural plan that results in a unified look, orderly development, neighborhoods that age better over time and property that appreciates in value.

Biscayne Landing is a master-planned community that will focus on providing all the amenities and necessities for its residents. The architecture of its different high-rises, townhomes and buildings will have a similar style and will blend with its natural environment.

In addition to stores and restaurants on its site, Biscayne Landing will have numerous recreational opportunities in the form of jogging trails, swimming pools, playgrounds, tennis courts, an environmental park and private access to the 1000+ acre Oleta State Park.

Biscayne Landing will also have its own schools. Children will be able to attend its elementary school from kindergarten to eighth grade, then progress to its charter high school. Those students who wish to pursue college can then attend Florida International University which abuts the Biscayne Landing site.

Biscayne Landing is destined to be a master-planned community that sets new standards and levels of quality for planned cities across the country. For more information on Biscayne Landing, contact us at or call (305) 944-3090.


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